Thursday, June 19, 2014

Encounter with a Strange Woman

Several days ago a Strange woman called me up on the phone.  She wanted to talk with me about my books, most specifically about the company that publishes my books.  It was a Strange request.  After awhile she indicated that she would like us to meet for lunch.  I had seen her around before and she seemed innocent enough, so I wasn't afraid and took her up on it.  I knew she was Strange but I didn't think her too strange.

We dined at Little Brother's Bistro in beautiful downtown Americus, Georgia...a really good place to eat.  The Strange woman noshed on a Portobello Salad, which I'd never heard of but which looked really good...a bed of mixed greens with a stuffed portobello mushroom plopped on the top, balls of cooked sausage plopped on top of that, and dressing on the side.  Yum.  Note to self:  Order that next time.  (Although my half ham and cheese croissant and cup of potato soup were scrumptious.)

We shut the place down sometime after their 3 p.m. closing time and walked out their back door, through the lobby of the lovely Best Western Windsor Hotel, and into the decadent confectionery belonging to Richelle Bivins.  It goes by the name of...wait for it...Richelle's.  We ate...well, it involved lots of sugar.  We almost closed her place down as it was after 5 p.m. when we left.  I don't know what time she closes but we thought it best to leave without being asked at maybe 5:30 or 6:00.

The Strange woman and I talked about many things during our afternoon soiree'.  Children, writing books, grandchildren, writing books, husbands, writing books, church, writing books, being Christian and loving Jesus Christ, writing books, and probably a lot of other stuff that I can't remember.  See, although I had seen the Strange woman around, I don't think we had ever actually sat at the same table.  Heck...we had barely even been in the same room together.

After awhile we decided we should probably return to our respective homes, but we were both delighted to realize that we had so much in common and formed what we both hope will be a lasting relationship right then and there amongst the varied eating establishments in beautiful downtown Americus, Georgia.  Maybe one day you'll see us at one of them and I'll introduce you to the Strange woman who is now my friend. Her name?  Careen Strange.