Saturday, June 10, 2017


Anyone that knows me very well knows I’m not much on sports.  I wasn’t as a child and I’m not now.  I got into the Braves big time back in the 90s when they were all the rage, but I even gave up on that after awhile.  I like to go to my grandson’s baseball games because…hey, he’s my grandson!  I like to go to my church’s softball games because my son and son-in-law play on the team.

Although I sorta like baseball and like to watch a few of the events in the summer and winter Olympics, if you pressed me to pick a favorite sport “just because,” even though I don’t even like racing, I’d have to say NASCAR, and here’s why:

You couldn’t pay me to go to a race (never been to one…I hear they’re too loud, too dusty, and you’re too likely to be splattered with “something,” most likely beer, or vomit because of the beer) but I pick NASCAR for several reasons.  While driving, the drivers’ bodies are all covered up by car, and even when the dash cam is on, their heads are covered up with helmet, so you can’t see if they’re swearing, and they pretty much don’t use foul hand gestures because they have to hold onto the wheel.  Besides, their gloves fit like big old marshmallows.  (They’re not perfect…you will catch one outside the car sometimes unloading on someone.  They’re human.)  Before the race starts, there is ALWAYS a prayer that is televised and many times prayed “in the Name of Jesus.”  There’s a whole slew of us that like that.  The drivers stand in silent respect as the National Anthem is sung and the prayer is prayed.  (They even take off their hats.  They take off their hats!  Wow!)  If anyone is offended by any of this, no one knows it as they keep it to themselves and don’t spoil everyone else’s good time by running and screaming that they don’t feel safe or that their rights have been violated.  If any of them is homosexual or lesbian, no one knows it because they’re not in front of a camera trying to thrust their lifestyle in our faces.  This is how NASCAR is done, this is how it’s been done for years, and if that is a problem for you, then you need to pick another place to spew your beer or political rantings.  Don’t support NASCAR if you’re not going to support NASCAR.

And today I have a whole new reason to choose NASCAR as my favorite sport.  Hubby’s been watching the race and they just ran a commercial involving several of the drivers, one at a time, saying “Thank you,” some even mentioning names and one saying, “Thanks, Navy.”  It ended with, “Home of the free because of the brave.”

Yeah, I’ll choose NASCAR.  Now hand me that remote.  I want to watch an old movie on TCM.